Cricket Working Party Saturday 16th April

Work at the Cricket Club –  16th April

What a great day. Thanks to all those who turned up to help and support - Andy, Josh, Isaac, Helen, Jess, Prabha, Rajat, Toby, Nelson, Tamil, Janani, Janvi, Rythan and not forgetting Red who came up to see if the scoreboard was working - it was!!! The outside sockets are in place and we have lift off. Thanks also to Alison who cycled up with milk and doughnuts which went down well.

Thanks also to the group who turned up two days earlier - Sami, Tamil, Logu, Mano and  Prem - and made a great start on the covers and the side netting.

We managed to clear and tidy up the container, put new flooring on the front part, fit the high level netting at cow corner, and paint most of the sightscreen. We still have to fit the new screen but we can organise that later.
A thought - does anyone have some shelving which we can put up in the container to keep things neat and tidy?
A good effort from all. This shows the Club at its' best with many of us joining in, to work together. A good omen for the season.